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Game News

**9 Man Anrak GP Raid. Eternal Spirits*

Eternal Spirits,
                Guild Banner Name thats been around for 10 years, going from MMO game to MMO game,  most reciently
moving from World of Warcraft to Rift. Forming a friendship with a handfull of strangers, the guild slowly managed
its way from being 10 members from the Beta Test days to a guild of over 150 players, 70-80 active players.

Starting off slowly with basic dungeons, then moved onto the expert dungeons to the point where the next step
was stepping into GREENSCALE BLIGHT Dungeon.  Starting with basic wipes from the beginning the group slowly turn
what seems to be a difficult fight into just another weekly routin on the way to infiltrator. Now up to date the guilds
 main raid group have moved onto Greenscale himself, a new progression boss, while all those that stood before it
have been placed onto easy farm. Still learning new ways to defeat hylas to make it easier to defeat, with the goal
of doing full 1 day clears of within 3 hours, leaving time to move onto River of Souls and Hammerskell.



Guild News

Eternal Spirits GP Group A Downs Uruluuk!

Juuran, Jul 8, 11 5:41 AM.
After putting in a total of about 10 hours into Uruluuk (last boss in Gilded Prophecy 10 man) we finally got our first kill in and received our Gilded Prophecy completion achievement.  The loot in GP is absolutely fantastic as far as the effort to reward ratio, and the encounters are unique enough to add that extra bit of flare to Rift a lot of us were looking for.  Thanks for thinking about the 10 man raiding community Trion, we enjoyed GP and look forward to many more runs, a lot more loot, and seeing what else you guys have up your sleeves for 10 man progression!

In attendance for the kill:

Thanks for putting in the LONG hours in a single sitting to make sure we got this guy down before the 4th of July holiday week was over! Click image below for full size.

Materials for raid consumables

Juuran, Jun 24, 11 9:26 PM.
For progression bosses in raids, raid members are asked to bring consumables to help win the fight.  This includes the easily obtained:

Icewatch Cupcake (+10 attack power), and Drake Filet (+10 spellpower).

More importantly, please bring Brightsurge or Powersurge vials.  See the links below for materials required to make these as the pots are frequently not available on the AH.  Darksmoke (on his cleric alt) can make these for you.

Mighty Powersurge Vial (+35 str/dex)
Mighty Brightsurge Vial (+35 int/wis)

If you have any questions let a guild officer know.

Calander Update with Raid info and times,

DarkadvocatesRift, Apr 1, 11 7:52 AM.
Please pay attention to if the Info on the calander says American or Australian, due to Time and day difference. Please infom others about websight and the calander for raids.
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